Head and Shoulders Pattern is Popular!

Crude oil futures daily: head and shoulders bottom completed earlier. Pullbacks towards $55.75 horizontal support may provide new opportunities for entry. For short term target at $58.20, then $63.00.

 forex trading alerts: - oil head and shoulders bottom pattern
Crude Oil Futures Head and Shoulders Bottom

Similar pattern in the Brent oil futures. Looking for an initial target at $70.30. First key support at $65.50.

 forex trading alerts: brent oil head and shoulders bottom pattern
Brent Oil Futures Head and Shoulders Bottom

Copper daily: breaks rectangle and double bottom. I am looking for a move towards $3.18.

 forex trading alerts: copper rectangle pattern breakout
Copper Futures Double Bottom

Cotton daily: double bearish breakout of head and shoulders top and rising trend line. initial target at $66.50.

 forex trading alerts: cotton head and shoulders top pattern
Cotton Futures Head and Shoulders Top

Platinum daily: range breakout. Target at $881.00

 forex trading alerts: platinum rectangle pattern breakout
Platinum Futures Range Break

AUDCHF Daily: could be forming head and shoulders top. Only on a breakout of its neckline, potential downside move to 0.6870.

 forex trading alerts: audchf head and shoulders top pattern
AUDCHF Potential Head and Shoulders Top

GBPUSD weekly chart: The price could be forming a head and shoulders bottom. Only on a breakout above its neckline we could reach above 1.40 again.

 forex trading alerts: gbpusd possible head and shoulders pattern
GBPUSD Weekly Potential Head and Shoulders Bottom

GBPNZD Weekly rising channel being retested. Look for bearish resumption confirmation signals.

 forex trading alerts: forex trading alerts:
GBPNZD Weekly Channel Retest