EURUSD in the Potential Reversal Zone
EURUSD Three Drives

EURUSD in the Potential Reversal Zone

What is a Potential Reversal Zone?

The potential reversal zone or PRZ is a level where the price is expected to reverse its direction, from bullish to bearish or vice versa. The phrase potential reversal zone is used to describe the level where a pattern completes, mainly used for harmonic or Fibonacci based patterns such as the ABCD or Three Drives Pattern.

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows what is a PRZ before we start outlining our weekly trading ideas.

Some patterns are still in progress from a prior post.

EURUSD in the PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone)

EURUSD at Forex potential reversal zone
EURUSD Three Drives Pattern

EURUSD has bounced slightly on Friday from the potential reversal zone for a bullish three drives pattern. PRZ also resides near the descending channel support, while Stochastic is showing a positive divergence. I would look into short term charts for entry confirmation. Note that I would discard the pattern on a breakout below recent low at 1.1176.

NZDCAD About to Break Resistance

NZDCAD rectangle
NZDCAD Rectangle

The price is attempting a breakout above the multi-week sideways range. We had a marginal close above it on Friday. Yet, I would like to see a clear close above 0.9125/30 to confirm a retest of the 0.9256 high as a minimum target.

USDCAD Resuming the Uptrend?

USDCAD Head and shoulders bottom
USDCAD Head and Shoulders Bottom

The main long term rising trend line and the 200-days simple moving average halted the latest decline, and that hints it may have been only a corrective decline. Meanwhile, the price has formed a head and shoulders bottom at that support area. The upside could extend to the latest major swing high at 1.3660.

Copper Possible Retesting Process

Copper Rectangle Breakout
Copper Rectangle Breakout

I mentioned this pattern in a prior post. Looking back at the chart, the price is pulling back towards the broken resistance of the rectangle. A bullish resumption should be expected from that area as the resistance could turn support now. Add to that, a shorter-term rising trend line may also support the bulls.

Oil Pauses For Consolidation

Brent Pennant
Brent Oil Pennant

Brent Oil could be forming a pennant continuation pattern following the completed head and shoulders pattern and the ascending triangle I mentioned in a prior post. That keeps the bullish scenario favored with a next possible target around $70.00.

WTI Oil Head and shoulders bottom
WTI Crude Oil Head and Shoulders Bottom

Also, WTI crude is showing a similar pattern, consolidating in a sideways range above 54.50-neckline for the completed head and shoulders bottom. Buying downside pullbacks have been successful and may continue to be so.

Trading alerts are meant to alert traders for completed and potential patterns as they develop.  In addition to key support and resistance levels being tested. These alerts should be considered a heads-up and only as guidelines, not a buy or sell signal.

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